Watercolor Reflection Paintings

Carolyn Epperly has a talent for re-creating ordinary images and scenes from daily life on her paper, while making them mesmerizing to view. Her watercolor reflection paintings capture seemingly mundane moments and make them into captivating pieces of art.

These watercolor reflection paintings are for sale from Epperly’s Charleston, South Carolina, studio. Each piece portrays a slice life, with intriguing use of light and shadow to create lifelike scenes. The subjects of these paintings are beautifully simple, but Epperly’s use of mirrors, store windows and liquid makes each artwork tell a detailed and emotional story. Some paintings involve mirrors and reflect bold imagery, while others include windows and capture much more nuanced shadows and echoes of the surrounding scene.

Carolyn Epperly has been using watercolor for decades to create photorealistic tones. Her style has evolved during the course of her 35 year career, leading to her visually stimulating and seminal watercolor reflection paintings. To learn more about these paintings and to find out how you can purchase one of her stunning and vivid works to add to your collection, contact Carolyn Epperly today.

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