About Carolyn Epperly Watercolor

Life is made up of ordinary moments. It is these everyday life experiences that create the memories we cherish and hold dear for years to come. We paint them in our minds, and hold them in our hearts.

Carolyn Epperly takes those ordinary moments and makes them extraordinary. Her unique watercolor paintings are now available for purchase from her studio in Charleston, South Carolina. Families will delight in seeing the way she is able to capture each detail, from the innocence of children, to the excitement of sports and the beauty in majestic landscapes. Her work with reflections is particularly noteworthy and intriguing. Each painting evokes a variety of emotions.

Epperly is an award-winning, nationally recognized artist, with an expertise at capturing fantastic images and scenes in her artwork. Each painting shines with the vivid colors that only transparent watercolor can produce. She began her career as an artist over 20 years ago and has evolved her style and technique over time. Her works have also been featured in several publications worldwide.

Take a look through her online gallery for more examples of Epperly’s great artworks. For questions or appointments, email Carolyn today at carolynepperly@gmail.com. She will be happy to promptly reply. If you are in Charleston, SC, make an appointment to see her work in person!